Forett at Bukit Timah

LAUNCHED August 2020
TOP Est Sep 2024
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3 October 2023

Forett at Bukit Timah Financing Information: Payment Scheme

Day 1Signing of Option to Purchase (OTP) upon receiving Booking Fee5% Booking Fee
Day 1 +
Within 2 Weeks**
Sales & Purchase Agreement (S&P) will be sent to Purchaser's appointed law firm or directly to Purchaser if no law firm has been appointed N.A.
Within 3 Weeks from receiving S&P**Purchaser to sign the S&P at the appointed law firm and prepare payment of Buyer's Stamp Duty (BSD) and Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD), if applicable.
Law firm will receive a signed copy from the Developer within 2 weeks.
Within 2 weeks from Signing S&P**Purchaser to pay BSD and ABSD (if applicable).Applicable BSD and ABSD Rates*
On the 8th Week from Day 1Purchaser to pay remaining 15% downpayment + Progressive Payment (depending on stage of construction)15% + Progressive Payment
(where applicable)

**This timeline can be earlier than stated. 

The timeline from OTP to 15% payment is a MAXIMUM of 8 weeks. If there are any delays, it is mandatory to inform the developer in writing and is subject to approval. 

In the event that the purchaser did not exercise the S&P at the law firm within 3 weeks, the developer will be entitled to forfeit 1/4 of the booking fee, which is equivalent to 1.25% of the purchase price. The remaining 3/4 of the booking fee will be refunded to the Purchaser. Thereafter, the developer is entitled to sell the unit to any interested party. 

*BSD Rates:

If Purchase Price is $1M or below, BSD = (3% of Purchase Price) - $5,400

If Purchase Price is above $1M, BSD = (4% of Purchase Price) - $15,400


The further progressive payment stages are outlined below: 

StageTimelineNormal Progressive Scheme (NPS)
% of Purchase Price
Upon the grant of Option to PurchaseOption Date5%
Upon signing the Sales & Purchase Agreement (S&P)8 weeks from Option Date15%
Completion of Foundation work6-9 months10%
Completion of Reinforced Concrete Framework6-9 months10%
Completion of Brick walls3-6 months5%
Completion of Roofing/Ceiling3-6 months5%
Completion of Electrical Wiring Internal Plastering, Plumbing & Installation of Door & Window Frames3-6 months5%
Completion of Car Park, Roads and Drains Servicing the Housing Project3-6 months5%
Notice of Vacant PossessionTOP25%
Legal Completion DateCSC15%
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TOP: Est Sep 2024

Sales Gallery

Opposite King Albert Park MRT
(Yarwood Avenue)
Opens Daily:
10am to 7pm
(strictly by appointment only) 
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